Warm blooded animals are able to regulate their body temperature autonomously and keep it within a certain range. In human beings, this value is around 37° C; when body temperature, which is controlled by the hypothalamus, increases excessively, we talk about fever.

Fever (or pyrexia) is not an illness of itself: on the contrary, it is a formidable immune response by our organism; when any viral or bacterial infection occurs, from the hypothalamus an involuntary impulse departs which leads to increasing body temperature to neutralise the germs and stimulate the production of white globules which combat pathogens.

This self-protection mechanism has however side effects that translate into discomfort and pain that strike every time one has a fever, in addition to the risk of hyperpyrexia or a fever that is too high and implies a risk of fatal compromising of internal organs: all this obviously, is to be added to the clinical frame featuring the discomfort due to the infections causing the fever.

Therefore, treatment of fever focuses on the symptoms, with the need to lower body temperature, bringing it back to acceptable values, alleviating pain and, as a consequence, the sensation of weakness.

The Paracetamol contained in Fluimucil Influenza e Raffreddore acts upon the hypothalamus, favouring the diminishing of the fever, whilst pseudoephedrine hydrochloride acts in cases of fevers brought about by respiratory infections, on the area infected, decongesting it and contributing to eliminating the conditions favouring the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

In addition to drugs such as Fluimucil Influenza e Raffreddore, natural remedies such as infusions of thyme, camomile or alba, light foods such as chicken soup and “mechanical” expedients such as poultices of cold water on the head and collar which give relief to the patient and lower the sensation of burning thirst may be found useful. Finally it is very important to maintain adequate hydration and, if necessary, use saline supplements to reintegrate the liquid and minerals lost through perspiring.

Rimedi Febbre
  • Viral or bacterial infections
  • Stress
  • Reduced immune defences
Useful advice for treatment
Lower the body temperature

Keep the organism sufficiently hydrated

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